The South Coast has many natural, economic and structural advantages

  • Market access – gateway to the Eastern Cape, close proximity to Durban Harbour

  • Direct flights to Johannesburg daily from Margate Airport, and weekly to Cape Town

  • Skilled workforce

  • Ease of doing business, government commited to supporting business

  • Competitive operative environment – Ugu offers investors many advantages including competitive labour costs and low cost of living

  • Subtropical climate
Ugu South Coast Development Agency is responsible for ensuring that foreign investors have the informaton and support they need to take advantage of the business opportunies in the following sectors

  • Property Development
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Ocean Economy
  • Small Scale Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Let Ugu South Coast Development Agency assist you

    Endless Opportunities

    With abundant natural advantages, close proximity to fast-growing SA economies, a well-skilled workforce and a stable economy, Ugu represents an unrivalled investment destination.

    How we help investors

    We understand the complexities of investing and provide the information required for you to make good investment decisions in a coordinated approach that saves investors time and money.

    Our specialist investment team provides a range of business and investment services to investors

    • Detailed industry knowledge about business costs
    • Preparing business cases
    • Arranging site visits
    • Introduction to industry and service providers
    • Government liaison
    • Market intelligence
    • Partnering with local councils, economic development agencies/departments and private service providers to identify investment-ready projects.