Umntetweni, Ray Nkonyeni Local Municipality


The project is in ERF 89, UMTENTWENI is 7, 89 hectares vacant land with over one kilometre of sea frontage. The property owner is Ray Nkonyeni Municipality and the primary agreement interms of lease is with SCTIE for a period of forty – five (45) years, subject to renewal for a further period of forty – five (45) years and the entity was granted permission to sublease to the developer i.e.DAKU Group Companies (DGC).  The type of envisioned development is missed use.

The concept of this development includes residential units, a three hall 1000 – seater conference facility , A – level offices , 100 room hotel, amphitheatre, waterpark, Skate Park, public auditorium and restaurant facilities with the tourism attributes as comparative advantage of KZN, given the limited diversity in the existing boutique conferencing facilities available along the KZN South Coast, implies pent – up need for additional leisure, conference and recreational venues anchored development.

The development envisaged on these properties have a high potential of viability and a quick-win to resolving both economic and social sustainability challenges for the municipality. Preliminary concept has been done on all the properties with the outcomes showing great potential that has attracted Trinity interest.

Current status of the project

The implementation of this project is still at infant stage of planning as the developer is still:

  • Finalizing the appointment of professional team
  • Finalizing Environmental Screening Report
  • Concept development based on study reports
  • High level cost estimates
  • Service Reports
  • Town Planning & Pre -Feasibility

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