development of A cash crop farm

The project is located in the area of KwaMadlala, on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal

Funding needed for development of a cash crop farm on the South Coast

The Madlala Agriculture Project

Funding Requirements

The project has a shortfall of R4-million, on below areas

Project Description

The project is located in the area of KwaMadlala, on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

Inkosi Prince M Madlala presides over the Madlala Traditional Area which covers an area of over 33 square kilometres. As chieftain and the representative of the Zulu King, he also has under his authority the allocation of land to his people. It is in this spirit that Inkosi Madlala has, with the blessings of his council, contributed approximately 15 ha of land under his jurisdiction to the Madlala Agricultural Project.

For the past 3 years, Idwala Carbonates, a local mining company, has been working with the Madlala Traditional Authority and various other stakeholders to develop a 15 ha portion of ground into a cash crop farm

To date, beneficiaries have been identified and a co-operative formed as the entity that will own the project.

The infrastructure has been designed and professional services engaged to ensure that we can meet the various environmental standards and comply with the rigors of establishing a packing facility/admin centre, ablutions, a pump house and a road network of over 2 kilometres.

As the primary project funder of R6-million, Idwala Carbonates has subjected the establishment process to its internal management standards and procurement processes to ensure the integrity of the process.

Technical and financial details of the components of the project are available on request.

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