Advertising Update

Our investment messaging was further shared through our dedicated advertising campaign centred on the #unlimitedopportunities for investment. This quarter, our advertising material included and will be seen in the coming month: Inflight Magazine – Ocean economy advert Premier Magazine – Manufacturing advert Street Pole Adverts in Joburg;s financial sectors advertising property, agriculture and the economy […]

Website and Digital Update

Social Media Our social media platforms are currently shared between tourism and investment. To drive investment engagement, we share continuous investment updates, specifically around the Buy Local digital presence. All updates on the tourism destination website consequently feed through to the investment website. The new update to the database also allowed us to increase our […]

Public Relations Update

Public Relations Update

Through our public relations campaign, we are proactively managing the image and reputation of the KZN South Coast by closely monitoring the media, issuing positive news to traditional media, and responding to crisis PR situations as soon as they arise. The investment awareness and #buylocal campaigns have allowed us to create a unified image that […]

Marketing Update

Unlimited Opportunities Campaign This quarter, we continued to uncover the #unlimitedopportunities for investment found in the KZN South Coast across our key growth sectors. The KZN South Coast’s natural resources, subtropical climate, and access to national hubs have positioned it as a key #investment destination. We promoted the region’s agribusiness potential, as well as the […]