Advertising Update

Alongside our public relations engagements, we extended our ‘Uncover Potential’ in local investment messaging through dedicated advertising campaigns. This was extended into Joburg where street pole advertisements showcasing our growth sectors were strategically placed for two months. We placed the adverts in Sandton, close to major business head offices, including financial institutions like the Johannesburg […]

Website and Digital Update

Social Media Our social media platforms are currently shared between tourism and investment with our focus for the latter on development projects along the KZN South Coast, such as real estate opportunities at Renishaw Coastal Precinct, Bahari Bay, and Serenity Hills. Agricultural projects and other investment opportunities have been highlighted extensively. We are thrilled to […]

Public Relations Update

Through fam trips, stakeholder engagements, and exhibitions we are constantly uncovering new potential in our growth sectors. These are being effectively communicated through dedicated press releases targeting business and investment media. We are also using this platform to showcase the success of our Buy Local campaign, and encourage support for participating businesses. Challenges related to […]

Marketing Update

We are proactively positioning the KZN South Coast as an appealing investment destination with unlimited opportunities in our key growth sectors. Our team is working with stakeholders to identify, facilitate, and package investment opportunities so that investors can establish and grow businesses in the region. Marketing Campaigns This quarter we launched the override Uncover Potential […]