Social Media

Ahead of the summer and festive season, we have taken a more aggressive approach to marketing the KZN South Coast and creating more operator brand awareness campaigns. As the platforms are shared between tourism and investment, there has been a substantial increase in content production of 424 posts, resulting in a 110.9% increase from the previous period. This shows a strong commitment to consistently sharing information, updates, or engaging content with our audience. We have seen 118 333 impressions (up 22% from the previous period), 4 941 engagements (up 16.9%), 146 post-link clicks (up 151.7%), and a 4.2% engagement rate (per impression). Additionally, specific multimedia video clips were created and promoted across all the platforms exploring various topics.


The corporate and investment websites were updated to reflect the new SCTIE Board Members, their names, details, and images for transparency. Other content changes were made consistently across the website and, to promote articles, we used backlinking and sharing the press release URLs on the related establishment’s social media platforms. This integrated approach increased exposure to attract potential investors.

Push Notifications

Our establishments received marketing push notifications highlighting our ‘Unlimited Opportunities for Investment’ and announcing the new Board Members. These notifications engaged establishments, inspiring them to share this messaging with their databases to highlight the investment and tourism possibilities on the KZN South Coast.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO services have proven highly effective in boosting website traffic and increasing interest in our online platforms. Through continuous SEO optimisation strategies, including creating engaging and relevant articles, we have witnessed a substantial progression in our digital footprint. These articles are carefully crafted to align with search engine algorithms and user intent, improving organic search rankings and visibility to increase website traffic.

Explore the KZN South Coast app

Explore the KZN South Coast appOur app undergoes daily updates through a single Content Management System (CMS) to ensure continuous growth, including the 88 changes from the website. This has revolutionised the visitor experience by engaging with new offerings on the KZN South Coast. It has a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy navigation, and provides up-to-date, information on popular attractions, accommodations, dining options, and local events. It also incorporates interactive maps and other innovative features such as interactive contact details which operate from almost all devices.

Investment Prospectus

We put together a detailed Investment Prospectus on the KZN South Coast identifying nearly 100 investment opportunities to attract investors at local, national, and global levels. Our research, which included over 200 respondents, provided accurate and comprehensive results which will be available under the ‘Media’ tab in the ‘Research‘ section soon. The opportunities spanned sectors like tourism, real estate, infrastructure, and renewable energy, backed by supporting case studies. The availability of pre-existing, successful case studies on the KZN South Coast played a pivotal role, offering evidence of successful investments and instilling confidence.