Through stakeholder engagements, dedicated partnerships, and extensive marketing, we’re continuing to unearth the KZN South Coast’s investment potential. We are not only using our existing platforms, but developing new avenues to market catalytic projects and feature our growth sectors to potential investors.

Marketing Campaigns

This quarter we launched the overriding ‘Uncover Potential’ marketing message as we showcase the diverse investment opportunities on the KZN South Coast.

Investment Awareness Campaign

Our investment awareness marketing shares the ‘Uncover Potential’ messaging, encouraging our residents and businesses to promote the KZN South Coast’s investment potential. Our focal talking points have been catalytic projects, the Port Shepstone business hub, agriculture, renewable energy, the ocean economy, as well as the ongoing Buy Local campaign.

Buy Local Campaign Update

The Buy Local campaign, which is an integrated tourism and investment initiative, continues to attract new members while encouraging support for local businesses. Our tourism sector has seen a boost with the addition of Monate Outdoor Activities offering hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures; Kasified Eksperience, a township tourism organisation which focuses on shisanyama and events in Gamalakhe; as well as the exquisite private guesthouse, Villa Doré.

We have created extensive marketing material around the Buy Local campaign, including an infographic and digital badges. The benefits to both businesses and consumers are immense, with the Buy Local membership free of charge until 30 June 2025. To find out more or sign up as a Buy Local member, simply click this link, use our online enquiry or contact or 039 6827944.

Investment Destination Video

We have produced a new investment destination video for promotional purposes. Our 3- minute and 1- minute videos position the KZN South Coast as a premier investment, trade, and business destination. The videos capture the district’s key investment potential in sectors such as agribusiness, ocean economy, real estate, tourism, manufacturing and more.

Investment Research

The KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) in collaboration with Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) and KZN Provincial Treasury presented the quarterly Ezomnotho publication. This provides in-depth insight into economic developments and is used by our investment and marketing teams to inform plans where necessary.

EDTEA MEC Siboniso Duma noted that 54 000 jobs were created in KZN for Q1 and the third lowest level of unemployment. He says this shows a need for ‘policy priorities to focus on inclusive economic growth that promotes public and private sector investment in productive infrastructure, and engaging economic development partners and stakeholders to promote key trade and investment opportunities in a more targeted way’.

KZN was the second-highest contributor to the country’s GDP after Gauteng, with finance, manufacturing, community services, and trade as the leading economic contributors. The highly diversified agricultural sector was highlighted, with KZN producing over 50% of all timber and a significant portion of sugar cane, both of which are found here. Our natural assets including scenic beauty, biodiversity, and cultural diversity were also noted as key for the tourism potential, which is set to grow further.

Ugu District was one of the regions noted for its environmental impact assessment (EIA) approvals which are set to create further employment opportunities and unlock further potential within the region. In total KZN granted 24 EIAs with a capital value of R6.9 billion which are expected to create 2 991 jobs during the construction phase and 1 239 jobs during the operation phase.

One Stop Shop (OSS)

On 8 November, 4 of our staff members attended a workshop at the Trade & Investment KZN (TIKZN) offices in Durban. This included operational training on the CIPC Self-Service machine by the KZN OSS Administration Support Officer. The workshop also featured a presentation on how the One Stop Shop (OSS) operations and the mandate which is derived from the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition (DTIC). This is to support investors in terms of:

  • Improving the ease of doing business including support for land zoning, regulatory approvals, and issuing of permits.
  • Reducing red tape associated with development applications.
  • Provide project brokering services to catalytic projects.

The Ugu OSS is implemented in partnership with TIKZN with the launch anticipated for 30 January 2023. This is the fourth OSS office to be launched under the leadership of MEC Duma, with the launch 100% funded by TIKZN. We are working with several partners on this including, the EDTEA, CIPC, ITHALA, Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA), BPESA, and more who are extending their services for the OSS. The office is currently in operation virtually and physically.