Social Media

Our social media platforms are currently shared between tourism and investment with our focus for the latter on development projects along the KZN South Coast, such as real estate opportunities at Renishaw Coastal Precinct, Bahari Bay, and Serenity Hills. Agricultural projects and other investment opportunities have been highlighted extensively.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new TikTok account (handle: sctiekznsouthcoast), which has been garnering significant attention. To continue this momentum, we are encouraging local operators to send us their content, specials, videos, or still footage, which we can process and share. The TikTok account provides expansive opportunities to market our service offerings to potential investors and customers and increase the digital footprint of local businesses. As always, we are finding new and effective ways to use our digital platforms to further brands at reduced or, where possible, at no cost.


All three of our websites have been updated with new, engaging content uploaded frequently. Currently, our investment website serves as a comprehensive ‘One-Stop-Shop‘ catering to the diverse needs of investors and potential investors. Additional information to ensure a user-friendly experience that simplifies the investment process. Whether visitors are seeking investment options, exploring market trends, or trying to access crucial resources, our website offers a seamless navigation system.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We have continued to successfully implement SEO and include a variety of new topics with SEO articles to cover more categories including things to see and do. We have seen an increase in the total organic search traffic indicating positive growth in website accessibility and brand visibility through search engines. Comprehensive on-page optimisation techniques were implemented, which resulted in improved keyword relevancy, higher search visibility, and enhanced user experience. Key Performance Metrics (KPMs) can be viewed online in the upcoming Portfolio of Evidence (POE) report.

Explore the KZN South Coast app

The app is updated almost daily through the single Content Management System (CMS) resulting in ongoing growth. Our app has successfully revolutionised the way people explore and experience new destinations, with one of its standout features the user-friendly interface that makes it easy for investors to navigate and access relevant information.

The app provides comprehensive, updated details about popular attractions, accommodations, dining options, and local events. Additionally, it incorporates innovative features such as interactive maps, as well as a Buy Local tab which encourages visitors to support local suppliers. With the growth of our app, we could expand our database to include lesser-known destinations, promoting sustainable tourism and encouraging travellers to explore hidden gems. The positive feedback and increasing number of downloads are a testament to the app’s ability to enrich the user’s travel experiences.

Database Management and Updates

Our tourism and investment databases have been consistently growing in categories, proving to be a valuable resource for ongoing marketing efforts. In communicating with stakeholders with investment offerings, they are kept updated on developments, which are presented to potential global investors. The database allows us to assist stakeholders in making investments sustainable. This is only possible through ongoing communication with key role players in the investment arena, through our database.

The database expansion has allowed us to enhance our targeting capabilities to deliver personalised content, to reach out to potential investors and stakeholders interested in our offerings. Using the database, we have successfully implemented marketing strategies, including newsletters and push notifications, placing that info online to access a potential global market and to engage and inform our audience about industry developments.

Research – Investment Prospectus

We embarked on a mammoth ‘Investment Prospectus’ with the research outcome focused on identifying potential investment opportunities on the KZN South Coast, to attract local, national, continental, and global investors. The project is highly promising and has the potential to significantly impact the region’s economic growth. Once the research results are analysed and the prospectus is published, the opportunities to attract investors will be extensive.

The research has been conducted with a sample size of 200 or more respondents, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate analysis. The researchers have employed a robust methodology for data collection, and a report will be released in early September. The methodology includes a combination of primary and secondary data collection techniques, including surveys, interviews, and extensive market research. Additionally, an internal overview of the data collection process will be conducted to ensure the reliability and validity of the research findings. This overview will lead to a separate report that focuses on identifying the sustainability of investment opportunities and strategies for future use. The research will be available under ‘Media’, with its drop-down menu to ‘Research‘.