Unlimited Opportunities Campaign

This quarter, we continued to uncover the #unlimitedopportunities for investment found in the KZN South Coast across our key growth sectors. The KZN South Coast’s natural resources, subtropical climate, and access to national hubs have positioned it as a key #investment destination. We promoted the region’s agribusiness potential, as well as the many manufacturing and trade opportunities, with our maritime sector poised for development. We have extended our online presence with the following hashtags. Please follow for more through #investment #unlimitedopportunities #investkznsouthcoast #investment #kznsouthcoast.

Buy Local Campaign

Since the launch of our #buylocal campaign last quarter, we have welcomed several new local businesses as members. The benefits for businesses include significant marketing exposure, business support, networking, and member credibility, but there are also far-reaching socio-economic benefits for those supporting local businesses. Buying directly from our local farmers, craftsman, and manufacturers have positive impacts on society, the environment, and even health, while ensuring our economy remains resilient and self-sufficient.

We are encouraging our SCTIE members to sign up, free of charge until 30 June 2025, for the Buy Local membership. Criteria for membership include:

  • At least 50% of the cost of production or services must be incurred with the KZN South Coast,
  • The product or service must meet high-quality standards,
  • The business must create or intend to create employment opportunities for people on the KZN South Coast.

To find out more or sign up as a Buy Local member, simply click this link, use our online enquiry or contact Londiwe@sctie.co.za or 039 6827944.

Trade Exhibitions and Engagements

Our massive investment potential is often best marketed in person, which is why SCTIE is making the KZN South Coast known through key trade shows and exhibitions. Through these, we not only engage in vital networking, but can identify trends working in other potential investment areas.

World Travel Market (WTM) Africa 2023

WTM Africa 2023We enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit alongside the world’s best travel brands at the WTM Africa held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 3 to 5 April 2023. The event welcomed 5 000 registrations, and around 600 exhibitors from 49 countries, with 200 expert speakers and more than 80 hours of content sessions. WTM Africa 2023This was the ideal platform to market the KZN South Coast as a destination with #unlimitedinvestment opportunities extending into real estate, the ocean economy, agribusiness, logistics, manufacturing, and mining sectors. It was interesting to note that real estate emerged as our most notable investment opportunity.

We were pleased to achieve our goals of participating in the event, which included:

  • Meeting with local and international investors in search of investment opportunities,
  • Exploring potential new business partnerships,
  • Building relationships with local and international markets, and
  • Increasing our brand awareness.
Renishaw Coastal Precinct

Renishaw Coastal PrecinctTo get a better understanding of the large-scale Renishaw Coastal Precinct (RCP) development and the investment opportunities on offer, a meeting was arranged between SCTIE and developers on 18 April. In addition to getting a better understanding of the development, SCTIE extended assistance to some challenges that were outlined, including red-tape barriers to certain development processes, as well as the inclusion into the Eastern Seaboard Development. We were grateful for the RCP developers’ willingness of Renishaw to work with SCTIE in sharing nodes that could be considered for packaging to attract investment.

Investment Activation

Our upcoming investment activation will be held at Shelly Beach Centre during the June/July school holidays. This will target potential investors holidaying on the KZN South Coast. These include domestic or international visitors.

Business Seminar

We were able to build relationships with investors, international operators, and stakeholders when we attended the ‘Doing business between KwaZulu-Natal and Switzerland’ seminar at the Onomo Hotel in Durban this May. The seminar, hosted by Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) in partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland aimed to explore trade and investment opportunities between South Africa and Inkunzi yaChocolate – the local name for the Swiss delegation.

Business Seminar

Switzerland has an existing footprint in the province, supporting the Vuthela Support Programme. This initiative addresses unemployment, poverty, and inequality by accelerating inclusive local economic development and growth in line with the National Development Plan.

Sectors of focus included infrastructure, manufacturing, and services, with discussions around an exchange on investment strategies, attracting investment, best practices, and promoting trade and investment opportunities between KZN and Switzerland. This was a great opportunity to strengthen trade relations, and share valuable information on our growth sectors and market opportunities for exporters and internationally-focused businesses.