As a prime coastal destination and considering the massive demand for coastal properties in the domestic and international markets, property is a significant growth sector on the KZN South Coast. We are working with local estate agencies and developers to highlight the real estate investment opportunities for this region. Find out more about our property developments here.

Available Land for Investment

On 6 February, the team visited 12.4 hectares of prime land in Shelly Beach, ideally suited to developing an upmarket, lifestyle village which is so in demand along the KZN coastline. The site is zoned special residential 3, permitting 21 to 40 dwellings per hectare – 330 units in total. The site has 42 existing units generating income through sales and rental. We have engaged with a KZN South Coast agent to discuss packaging available property development projects.


The well-established agricultural sector and logistical advantages on the KZN South Coast are beneficial for our manufacturing sector. We have identified two areas that pose significant investment potential and will continue to develop these and more. We welcome any further input, leads, and information sharing with a view to partnering with businesses across a variety of sectors, so please do contact us. Below are some examples of recent site visits:


In an effort to package our textile sector, we visited an emerging textile manufacturer, Cengamajita Fashion & Entertainment (CMT) on 2 February 2023 . This informative tour not only gave us a chance to accurately profile the sector, while presenting possible avenues of support, it was a chance to present our #buylocal campaign and the many benefits to the sector.


We identified a local furnisher, Out of Wood, as a targeted project for the launch of our #buylocal campaign. We visited the site to profile and better understand the entire value chain of the furniture sector to identify growth opportunities. Considering the scale of this sector, we have arranged a follow-up meeting with the raw material suppliers for further insight.