We were excited to launch our #buylocal campaign, which celebrates and supports the entrepreneurial spirit of the KZN South Coast. While we are known for our Blue Flag Beaches, dive sites, nature reserves, and great outdoor offerings, the KZN South Coast has so much more to offer! Our fertile land means farm-to-fork organic food supplies, from fruits and vegetables to coffee beans, while our local craftsmen and manufacturers are producing world-class goods right on our doorstep.

The benefits of buying local include social, environmental, and health factors, while ensuring our economy remains resilient and self-sustaining. We are encouraging our SCTIE members to sign up, free of charge until 2025, for Buy Local membership. Criteria for membership include:

  • At least 50% of the cost of production or services must be incurred with the KZN South Coast,
  • The product or service must meet high-quality standards,
  • The business must create or intend to create employment opportunities for people on the KZN South Coast.

To find out more or sign up as a Buy Local member, simply click this link, use our online enquiry – or contact Londiwe@sctie.co.za or 039 6827944.

If you know of potential investment opportunities along the KZN South Coast that would benefit from SCTIE support, please contact SCTIE on 039 682 7944 or email info@sctie.co.za. A new tab has been added to www.investkznsouthcoast.co.za if you want SCTIE to contact you for consideration. You can visit the site to find out more about our investment opportunities or visit the KZN South Coast’s One-Stop Shop.